Bravefishermen Super Strong Pe Braided Fishing Line 6LB to 100LB Fluorescent Green


Precision Braiding and Fiber – PE Microfiber construction is smoother and rounder for casting much farther. Super thin and slick diameter and low memory, reel capacity is better
Zero Stretch & Super-high Sensitivity – Lets you clearly feel even the slightest bite, helps catch every fish that nibbles on your line
Great Abrasion Resistance and Durable – 4 Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (PE) strands, 15 times stronger than other braided line and superior abrasion


Material Line Length strength Line Diameter

PE 100Yard/300Yard/500Yard, 10LB, 0.14MM

PE 100Yard/300Yard/500Yard, 20LB, 0.20MM

PE 100Yard/300Yard/500Yard, 30LB, 0.26MM

PE 100Yard/300Yard/500Yard, 40LB, 0.32MM

PE 100Yard/300Yard/500Yard, 50LB, 0.36MM

PE 100Yard/300Yard/500Yard, 60LB, 0.40MM

PE 100Yard/300Yard/500Yard, 80LB, 0.48MM

PE 100Yard/300Yard/500Yard100LB 0.55MM

Super strong fishing line, suitable for sea fishing and freshwater fishing, ideal for fish enthusiast.


Exclusive long lasting color process.

Light and resistant to water absorption.

Thin diameter offers accurate casting.

Ultra powerful with high energy.

Superior abrasion resistance.

Ultra sensitive with near zero stretch.

Super strong Four strands of braided line.


Color: Fluorescent orange

Length: 100Yard, 300Yard, 500Yard

Line Capacity: 10LB, 15LB, 20LB, 30LB, 40LB, 50LB, 60LB, 80LB, 100LB

Color-Lock coating technology – casts farther, lasts longer
Bravefishmen fishing line special process Fluoropolymer- Treated microfibers
Tough and round to prevent diggin-in on reel Ultra sensitive with near zero
PE Microfiber construction is strong, smooth and round
Awesome abrasion resistance.
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