Ace Martial Arts Supply Crossbow String Replacement and Caps (50, 80, 150 180 LB)


Aluminum Arrows for 80lb crossbow
High grade high impact crossbow bolts
36 Aluminum Bolts


The crossbow string is made of polyester and also comes with 2 end caps (tips) for the bow. To extend the life of your string, first, never “dry fire” your crossbow, and second, please wax the string regularly. Always have an arrow loaded when you shoot. Repeated dry firing will quickly wear out your crossbow string. For the proper maintenance of your crossbow, just apply some bow string wax to the exposed string, not to the serving, on the crossbow and take your thumb and index finger and work the wax into string. As you work the wax in, you’ll notice it getting softer as the heat from your hand causes it to melt. Never use a frayed string as it may break when you are cocking your bow. Damage to the crossbow and/or injury to the user could occur. If string becomes frayed, immediately replace with a new string. Even under proper use, your crossbow string will eventually need replacing. Keep spares available for replacement. Replace a worn out crossbow string with this performance string. Keep your crossbow in proper working order for maximum performance and safe operation .It is smart to keep a spare string. Retain its proper specification for performance and safety.
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