Red Wigglers (40 Adult) Live, Healthy Red Worms #1 Bait Worm

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We count out each worm. They are grown indoors under controlled conditions. Our bait containers are always packed in Insulated boxes for safe shipping. If you are a fisherman looking for the perfect bait worm, look no further. Keep them at temperatures between 40 degrees to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, Red Wigglers will live from three to five weeks in our bait cups. Much more heat tolerant than the common northern night crawler, they are also more cold tolerant than many other types of earthworms. Red Wigglers will still be active on the hook long after other baits have died. These worms are tough. The only earthworm suitable for bait in brackish salt water They remain active in ice water for over 30 minutes or longer and attract fish with an odorous yellow secretion. These worms do very well in salt water. Just a GREAT Live Bait! . Red Wigglers prefer conditions higher in moisture than most types of earthworms. That’s why their affinity for moisture plus their cold tolerance, make them very attractive for ice fishing. Red Wigglers like their cousin the European Night crawlers are the number one fishing worm. If you fish and haven’t tried Red Wigglers, you just don’t know what you are missing. Mailboxes get very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter so it is the buyer’s responsibly to remove the worms from the mailbox immediately or they will either melt or freeze. We do our best to pack; we add an ice pack, but, we cannot guarantee live arrival when temperature is above 85 degrees. Please contact us first if you would any special shipping options like deliver to PO Box or signature requested.
IF YOUR TEMPERATURE IS 85 AND ABOVE, WE MUST ADD AN ICE PACK TO INSURE A SAFE TRANSIT. We do have Fedex 2 day express available with included ice pack for a small additional amount. Please send us an email regarding this if you have any questions. We cannot guarantee a live arrival if your temperature is too warm unless we have added the additional shipping options. Thank you.
You will receive (40) Adult Live Red Wigglers … An Awesome Bait Worm. They are fantastic live bait for all types of fish.
We count out each worm. They are grown indoors under controlled conditions. Included: Free Sample pack of our “Crazy Stuff Worm Chow”. (Your worms will love it!)
The Red Wiggler is well named as it wiggles – thrashing about on hooks–making them irresistible for fish, giving you a bite in no time.
Expected arrival will be sooner than estimated by Amazon as we ship USPS with normal arrival time in 2/3 postal days. To track for delivery is vital for Live Orders.
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