Planet Bike Comfort Cork handlebar tape

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Gel handlebar tape designed for road bikes
Keeps hands from getting sore on long rides
Soft, durable gel construction in UV-protected colors


About the product:
This Planet Bike GEL Handlebar tape comes in a variety of colors so your bike looks good. The tape features soft, durable construction with GEL to ensure comfort in your hands at the same time as riding. When wet the tape becomes tacky to keep you from losing your grip in the rain. It is also fade and water resistant so you’ll ride rain or shine without damaging your handlebars. This tape is easy to put onto almost any handlebars and lets you customize your bicycle with your favorite colors!

About the manufacturer:
At Planet Bike we dream about bikes.  We dream about people riding bikes: riding to work, riding to school, riding bikes to the grocery store, concerts, sporting events, coffee shops and grandma’s house, too.   We also dream about the day when all cities and towns are safe and convenient places for cyclists.
The reasons that we love riding and want others to share the love are as a large number of as our pedal strokes. The sport of cycling thrills us; but, for us it’s equally thrilling to unlock the potential of the bicycle as a simple and efficient means of transportation. Riding in place of driving reduces air and noise pollution. It boosts endorphins and clears the head. Riding strengthens the cardiovascular system, gives you good strong legs, and burns extra calories, to boot. But even so all that, it’s a whole heck of a large number of fun.
Planet Bike was born from the heart of cyclists and our goal is to create innovative products that make it easier and safer for people to ride bicycles.  The products we design are rooted in this dream.  Riding through day, night, heat, cold, rain and snow helps us get a hold of products that make sense, work, and are practical.
Say no to sore hands with this handlebar tape from Planet Bike. Designed for road bikes, the tape boasts a soft, durable gel construction that becomes tacky when wet for a better grip. It’s also highly fade- and water-resistant, helping it hold up to heavy use over time. And riders will love the variety of UV-protected colors, which include blue cork, white cork, orange cork, fluorescent green, celeste cork, and black cork. As with all Planet Bike products, the gel tape is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

About Planet Bike
In November of 1996, Planet Bike was founded in Madison, Wisconsin. In many ways, Planet Bike began as a social experiment that dedicated itself to doing business in a different way. Instead of being just another company that develops and sells products with profit as its end goal, Planet Bike wanted to help bring about positive change for people, their communities, and the environment.

Despite being a simple machine, the people at Planet Bike have at all times believed that the bicycle has great potential to help improve the world and the lives of the people in it. From the start, they have embraced an alternative corporate purpose which seeks to help get more people on bicycles by making communities friendlier places for the self-propelled. By donating 25% of company profits to causes that promote and facilitate bicycle usage, Planet Bike hopes to make an affect.

Social experiments aside, Planet Bike was born from the heart of a cyclist with a goal of making innovative, top quality, and practical bicycle accessories. Simply put, they strive to design and develop the best bicycle products in the world. In the company’s short ten year history, they have made important product innovations within the bicycle industry. Advancements include the 4-line computer which is now a standard in the industry and the world’s first self-contained HID light. Not bad for a company that ten years ago started as a one man operation. Today, at the same time as still a small company, Planet Bike continues to evolve and improve their product line with the goal of at all times striving to build accessories that make it easier for people to ride their bikes. Since 1996, Planet Bike’s financial support of the grassroots bicycle movement has totaled $500,000. By 2010, they have made a goal to donate $1 million to organizations that are dedicated to making America a friendlier place for cyclists.

Gel handlebar tape designed for road bikes
Keeps hands from getting sore on long rides
Soft, durable gel construction in UV-protected colors
Becomes tacky when wet for better grip
Backed by limited lifetime warranty
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