Thill Nite Brite Lighted Floats

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Center slider design
Can be used as slip or fixed
Available in red, green and yellow


Nothing brings the night to life like a Thill Nite Brite float. The Thill Nite Brite Lighted Float is the ideal tool for any type of after-dark float fishing for walleyes, perch, crappies or any other gamefish. Its bright light is easy to see even from a distance, so even subtle bites are detected. Available in red, green and yellow, Nite Brite Lighted Floats are simple activate, reusable and can be used as a slip or fixed float. Whether fishing from a boat or the shore, a Nite Brite helps you keep a bait precisely on the breakline, structure or cover that holds the fish.

The Thill Nite Brite Float is powered by Nite Brite Battery Lights (LF110). These Battery Lights are activated by lifting up on the top portion and can be turned off when not in use, so you can get multiple fishing trips out of a single Battery Light. Simply unscrew the top of the Nite Brite and insert a Battery Light, turn it on, then reattach the top of the float. The Nite Brite is available in two sizes, 4 inches and 5 inches.

Key Features

•Bright light allows anglers to detect bites even from a distance
•Reusable – simply replace the Battery Light
•Can be used as a slip or fixed float
•Three colors, red, green, yellow
•Two sizes

Center slider design
Can be used as slip or fixed
Available in red, green and yellow
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